This adventure for everyone who adores dolphins and wants to spend quality time with them.

This unmissable opportunity, more than a Dolphin encounter and the participant has a

chance to swim, sleep, wake up with happy dolphins and observe how their behaviour

changing, in the different situation or different time of the day.

The partakers also can experience the dolphins' proximity as their family member.

Hundreds of Spinner Dolphins available to find at the Satya Reef in Egypt. 
On the attached video, available to see the boat which will be the accommodation for the participant and experience the magic with the Dolphins, the magic which can't be described with words. The interaction with dolphins are very therapeutic and have a significant healing effect which is more intense if we spend more quality time with dolphins.
















Can be selected from different packages:
1 Night, 2 days trip with Snorkeling 165 euro
1 Night, 2 days trip including Snorkeling + Diving 225 euro
2 Nights, 3 days trip with Snorkeling 350 euro
2 Nights, 3 days trip including Snorkeling + Diving 460 euro
3 Nights, 4 days trip with Snorkeling 500euro
3 Nights, 4 days trip including Snorkeling + Diving 660 euro
4 Nights, 5 days trip with Snorkeling 660 euro
4 Nights, 5 days trip including Snorkeling + Diving 875 euro

6 Nights, 7 days trip with Snorkeling 860 euro

6 Nights, 7 days trip including Snorkeling + Diving 1050 euro

The packages include 3 meals (depends on the number of the days) and also include

return transfer between Quseir and Hamata.
These price are if min.12 person on the boat.

Extra fees:
The snorkeling equipment (mask-fins) 5€ /day
The diving equipment 15€ /day
Swimming suit 5 euro per day

National Park ticket 5 euro / day

The more days/night package includes, visit of Hamata Island and the package with diving include on the first day 2 diving and the next days 3-4 times.

Dolphin Safari (example; 1 or 2 weeks) available on request (if the number of people are adequate).

If your priority the dolphins on our trip be aware for that, on the diving place probably will not be dolphins.. They are in the shallow water in the lagoon mostly.